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Seizing Opportunities, Unleashing Potential: Julia's Experiences as a Visionary at Riverty!

Discover how Julia's passion for people and corporate matters led to a fulfilling career. With the support of visionary leaders and the opportunity to participate in transformational initiatives, Julia unleashed her full potential. Learn all about Julia's journey, her role, and her visions!

Julia Malczyk | Agile Coach | Jul 24, 2023 4 min
Julia Malczyk
From People and Culture to Strategy – My Journey at Riverty

My journey at Riverty began seven years ago in the Compensation & Benefits HR Competence Centre. There, I was responsible for global salary comparisons and other related tasks. Now, I work in the Strategy unit of the Organizational Development & Transformation (OD&T) department. I have always been passionate about connecting people and organizational topics, contributing to the growth of individuals and the company.  With this passion in mind, I've eagerly pursued every opportunity to expand my education. This includes participating in training programs, keeping up-to-date with the latest research findings, and applying proven corporate practices in areas like agile transformation, behavioral psychology, leadership, and team development. Education is an ongoing journey!

Turning points in my career

Four years after joining Riverty, in winter 2021, two significant events occurred that positively influenced my career. The appointment of our international CEO, Jan Altersten, and the introduction of the North Star Initiative by our Chief Strategy Officer, Teresa Schlichting, sparked my interest. This lead to a conversation with Teresa, in which she recognized my strengths and potential that I can optimally live in my current role—a true testament to modern leadership. Since then, Jan and Teresa have consistently trusted me and provided me the opportunity to shape further transformation initiatives that have brought value to Riverty.

My role at Riverty goes beyond just a job…

What I love about Riverty is its international structure, which motivates me to empower our employees and foster the company's growth. Here, I have the opportunity to pursue my personal purpose and utilize my diverse skills to support various groups, functional units, and business areas through numerous initiatives. Despite being a part-time employee and a mother of two, I have never felt my competence or potential were questioned.Riverty authentically showcases the appreciation of diversity through prominent networks like United Women, United Generation & Bertelsmann be.queer.

My vision for the future

Currently, I am working with my team on initiatives to enhance organizational effectiveness and develop interactive formats. We focus on further developing the organizational framework and shaping the cross-functional collaboration between units. My vision is to build a flourishing organization that positively impacts people's lives, fosters performance and innovation, applies and develops the unique talents of e each individual. Together with my team, I design interactive workshops, foster community engagement, and develop training programs to establish better ways of working.


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