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An essential component of Riverty's business model is its commitment to ethical, values-based operations. A clear commitment to compliance with the law, as well as respect and trust between employees, business partners, and all stakeholders, are our top priorities. Our parent company Bertelsmann has established an Integrity & Compliance Program and an Organization to ensure compliance.

As part of Bertelsmann's commitment to creativity and entrepreneurship, the company has implemented ethics and compliance procedures across all its core functions.




A summary of laws and other regulations that are relevant to Bertelsmann companies is provided in the Code of Conduct. There are binding minimum standards outlined in the code that apply to the company's interactions with internal and external partners as well as with the public. Each person in the organization is expected to adhere to the principles outlined in this Code, from the Supervisory Board to the Executive Board to the team at all levels.

The Bertelsmann Code of Conduct is downloadable here in 12 languages.




There are various channels available to employees, business partners and third parties to raise concerns about potential misconduct, such as violations of laws and regulations or harassment. In the first instance, contacts at the local company should be considered. In addition, alternative points of contact are made available by Bertelsmann, such as the Bertelsmann Integrity & Compliance department, a Speakup system, and Ombudspersons. All reports are treated fairly, promptly, and confidentially. Employees who report suspected misconduct in good faith are prohibited from being retaliated against. During the investigation of misconduct reports, all parties' rights are protected, and disciplinary measures are decided in a fair, appropriate, confidential, and transparent manner.

More information on the Bertelsmann Speak-Up Channels can be accessed here.