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Your accounting on auto-pilot.

Accounting as a Service (AaaS) automates 99% of reconciliation and A/R Management from start to audit, while experts take care of the remaining 1%.

Display of Rivertys Accounting as a Service Solution.

Experience the future of accounting

We empower the world’s best finance teams, from scale ups to leading global enterprises.

Scale, grow and streamline your accounting

Riverty empowers fast-growing businesses manage complex accounting tasks, with full-service A/R management, exception handling and reconciliation, as well as legal debt collection when needed. 

We process 100m+ order-to-cash transactions per year and reconcile 35+ payment methods worldwide.

Automation without compromise.

Our solution provides you with a fully compliant end-to-end service including reconciliation and accounts receivable management, integrating seamlessly with your third-party providers such as PSPs, banks, or your ERP/general ledger.

Rivertys Accounting as a Service is an all in one Solution - it offers handling of subledger, general ledger, debt collection and analytics.

All-in-One Solution

Consolidate accounting, invoicing and debt collection in one modular platform, coming with strong reporting and analytics capabilities out-of-the-box. Simplify your financial operations, cut inefficient processes and focus on your core business.

With Riverty Accounting as a Service, you are provided with comprehensive self service documentation as well as expert support by our team.

Self-service & expert support

Our team monitors every step of the process, ready to assist with complex issues or adapt the system to new regulatory requirements. We also provide comprehensive self-service access for both you and your customer service team.

Save up to 30% on your accounting costs

By automating routine tasks and reducing reliance on manual processes, AaaS cuts down expenses and drives efficiency. We tailor our solution to fit your business needs, ensuring that it works perfectly with your existing financial systems and processes.

Save up to 30% of your cost with Rivertys Accounting as a Service.

Up to 3x faster time-to-market for country expansions

Our flexible solution is designed to support new markets, currencies, and payment methods. Even large revenue jumps can be easily handled through the highest level of automation. Enjoy trusted quality, proven by external auditors year-by-year - backed up by Bertelsmann.

Image showing a European map - with Accounting as a Service by Riverty, you are flexible to handle up to three times faster time-to-market expansions.
Accounting as a Service by Riverty offers you a large set of features - from subledger to general ledger, invoicing and debt colleciton

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Fast set-up, hassle-free onboarding.

With Riverty Accounting as a Service, you get detailed and comprehensive documentation on how to get started.


Get AaaS up and running in weeks, not months, due to modern REST APIs. Our streamlined onboarding process ensures quick implementation so you can start seeing the benefits of automated accounting immediately.

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Partner integration

Simplify integration efforts with our seamless partner integrations, including Stripe and Computop. Integration has never been easier.

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EV Charging
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Takko aimed to internationalize their online business and optimize payment processes to enhance customer access and satisfaction across Europe.


In partnership with Riverty, Takko implemented the Buy Now Pay Later service and leveraged automated accounts receivable management. This strategic move supported their expansion into new markets such as Austria, France, the Netherlands, and the Czech Republic, processing over 500,000 transactions annually.


Riverty's comprehensive solutions enabled Takko to streamline payment integration across multiple markets and significantly improve their online customer experience. Customers now benefit from flexible payment options tailored to their financial needs, resulting in heightened customer satisfaction and increased sales growth.

"We are now also expanding digitally at a rapid pace. Thanks to Riverty, we have elevated our online presence in Germany and are now extending our reach to other European markets." — Mathias Fastnacht-Fei, Leader of E-Commerce at Takko

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EV Charging

Success story

The client, a leading operator of approximately 4000 EV charging stations across 600 sites in 24 European countries, faced the challenge of rapidly setting up hundreds of charging parks. Each site required compliance with local regulations and a unique setup, necessitating a robust, adaptable financial management solution.


We provided a comprehensive solution that simplified multilingual and multinational financial operations. The service streamlined subscription management, billing, customer contract management, and accounts receivable processes, offering seamless integration across diverse financial tasks.


AaaS enabled the client to implement efficient end-to-end processes at their charging stations, significantly enhancing consumer satisfaction, including: Facilitating payments via an app, allowing consumers to subscribe to discounted tariffs, with clear and separate billing for fixed fees and usage, enabling payments via card/NFC at stations and managing billing for other e-Mobility Service Provider by aggregating extensive usage data into precise monthly invoices.

" With Riverty's support, we've streamlined our B2C and B2B transactions across Europe, reducing IT complexity and enhancing customer satisfaction. Our partnership has allowed us to connect over 3000 charging stations seamlessly, offering convenience and support in 9 European currencies."
— Markus Ruppel, Global Key Account Manager at Riverty

Frequently asked questions

What is AaaS and how does it automate accounting processes?

AaaS, or Accounting as a Service, is a comprehensive accounting service designed to automate and streamline all major accounting functions, from reconciliation to accounts receivable management. AaaS automates data entry, reconciles transactions, and manages financial records with high accuracy and minimal human intervention, significantly reducing the time and effort required for manual accounting tasks. It includes not only the software but also an experienced team of accountants taking care of monitoring and exception handling.

How does AaaS integrate with existing financial systems?

AaaS is built with flexibility in mind, offering robust API integration capabilities that allow it to seamlessly connect with a wide range of existing financial systems, including ERP software, banking platforms, and payment service providers. This integration ensures that AaaS works harmoniously within your current infrastructure, enhancing data consistency and reducing implementation efforts.

Can AaaS handle multi-currency and multi-regional transactions?

Yes, AaaS is equipped to handle transactions across multiple currencies and regions. It supports international business operations by adhering to local compliance requirements and handling currency conversions, which ensures accurate and legal financial management for businesses operating internationally. AaaS simplifies the complexities associated with multi-regional transactions, making it an ideal solution for companies looking to expand internationally. 

How is AaaS priced?

We offer different subscription tiers to suit various business sizes and needs, ensuring that companies only pay for the functionalities they require. Our fee structure consists of a small one-time setup fee, transaction fee and one for manual exception handling. Contact us and get a quote!

What kind of support does Riverty offer for AaaS users?

Our clients and their customer service teams are given self-service access to our Riverty portal, which provides live insights into all financial transactions. We provide detailed reports and dashboards for maximum transparency. If a direct exchange with our Riverty team of experts is desired, a ticket can be created via the portal and our accounting specialists provide personal case-by-case support. From a certain company size and a minimum annual turnover, we also provide a dedicated Key Account Team. 

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