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Efficient debt collection for energy suppliers: Riverty
– keeping your finances in flow

International crises, slow economic growth, rising prices - many consumers are under financial pressure in these times – and energy suppliers are put under pressure when payments are missed or delayed. Efficient debt collection management can maintain the financial flow and ensure that utilities are never left high and dry.

Apr 24, 2024 4 min
Efficient debt collection for energy suppliers

Climate change, extreme weather events and failed harvests are currently causing food prices to rise again. From mangoes from Peru to tomatoes and oranges from Spain to grapes and olives from Italy, farmers around the world are struggling with poor yields. Across Europe, food was 1.5% more expensive in March than in the previous month. At the same time, the economies of many countries are growing more slowly than expected. Prices for raw materials and energy also remain high: although not as dramatic as in the record year of 2022, electricity has become almost 50% more expensive on average in the EU over the last ten years, at just under 30 cents per kilowatt hour.


As a result, energy suppliers' customers are under increasing financial pressure. Payment delays or defaults are becoming more frequent. This affects the cash flow of utilities – making liquidity bottlenecks possible. A stable financial flow is particularly important in the current period of transformation: energy suppliers need liquidity to actively shape the energy transition and a more sustainable world. Efficient and fair debt collection management can ensure that finances stay in flow – not just for energy suppliers, but also for their customers.

Securing the energy of the future 

The energy transition is a complex and forward-looking project that aims to transform the energy sector towards sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions. Energy suppliers play a key role in this process, providing the energy and infrastructure needed to keep our society running. To do this successfully, energy suppliers must have sufficient capital to invest in renewable energy, innovative technologies and more efficient infrastructure. 

This means not only managing their own finances, but also ensuring that customers are able to pay their energy bills on time. Delayed or missed payments can affect energy suppliers' cash flow and prevent them from investing in the sustainable energy future we all want. 

Efficient and fair debt collection management is key to meeting these challenges. It helps to ensure that the financial flows of energy suppliers and customers alike remain intact. By minimizing delays and payment defaults, it enables companies to move forward with their investments in renewable energy and sustainable projects, making an important contribution to realizing the energy transition. 


Manage the flow of challenges safely

Energy suppliers need innovative solutions to keep up with today's challenges. As a partner of renowned energy companies for decades, Riverty has the specific know-how for FinTech solutions in the entire utility environment and can safely guide them through the stream of challenges. Our approach is designed to keep customers´ financial flow while strengthening long-term customer relationships. 

Digital and fair 

Riverty relies on a modern and digital debt collection solution. Thanks to intelligent algorithms and a wealth of experience, we are able to adapt debt collection management fairly to the needs and situations of our customers. With our various digital payment methods, we make it as easy as possible for customers to repay. Installment payments are also possible to bridge financial bottlenecks. 

Energy suppliers can track this process transparently by accessing detailed analyses and reports in real time via the client portal with an additional web-based analytics platform. For example, they can keep an eye on receivables structures, performance trends or the processing status of individual debt collection files at all times. 

We also remain transparent for customers: all outstanding receivables are displayed digitally in the consumer self-service portal. This not only provides consumers with efficient, digital customer service, but also personalized support that sustainably strengthens long-term customer relationships. 

Stay in the financial flow

With consumer-centric debt collection, Riverty provides stable cash flow – generating around 41 million annually. Through transparency, customer focus and an efficient approach, Riverty helps energy suppliers maintain their financial stability and support their customers in financially challenging times. Riverty keeps you in the flow – both financially and in terms of strong customer relationships. 

Our solutions for energy suppliers

Whether automatic dunning, collection or receivables purchase: you can count on digital and fair receivables management from Riverty. We address the challenges of the energy industry – full of energy. For a successful future.

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