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Electricity and finance in flux: Receivables sale to Riverty increases liquidity

In times of change, we go with the flow of electricity. We know that as the energy transition continues, energy providers are faced with significant investments. Not only do they face rising costs, but also the risk of payment defaults. How can they ensure a smooth financial flow? The solution: Selling non-performing receivables can help to secure liquidity and minimize default risks – keeping power and finances flowing.

Apr 19, 2024 3 min
Receivables Sale to Riverty Increases Liquidity

Boosting liquidity for a sustainable future 

As key players in the energy transition, energy providers have a huge responsibility. Their role goes beyond providing electricity. They contribute to a sustainable future by reducing CO2 emissions, maximizing renewable resources, and minimizing dependence on fossil fuels. To achieve these goals, utilities must not only invest in innovative technologies, but also have the financial stability to support these investments. But how can they ensure that their finances remain in flux? 

One option is sell receivables

By doing so, energy providers can: 

  1. Gain liquidity: By selling receivables, energy providers ensure immediate solvency because the purchase price is paid immediately. 
  2. Minimize risk: Buyers of receivables assume the risk of payment defaults, providing additional financial security for energy providers. 
  3. Conserve resources: By selling receivables, energy providers can reduce the burden of accounts receivable management. The buyers take over the management of the receivables and any collection procedures. 

With increased liquidity, efficient risk management, and more resources in their accounts receivable management, energy providers can optimize their financial flow. This allows them to strategically invest in renewable energy and innovative technologies to meet the goals of the energy transition. 

Riverty: More than just a buyer

At Riverty, we support energy providers not only by purchasing receivables, but also by providing comprehensive support to optimize internal processes. 

Our support extends throughout the entire implementation process. From fair valuation of debt receivables to direct payment processing and in special cases handling, we are your partner to ensure that the sale of your receivables runs smoothly and transparently. We focus on a customer-centric approach that puts your customers´ experience first. 

In sync with the customers 

Riverty stands for customer focus and fairness. We always offer fair debt collection to consumers. If your customers ever find themselves in a difficult situation, we have individual debt collection strategies tailored to their financial situation and circumstances. It goes without saying that we act in the best interests of the utility and use consumer-friendly strategies.. 

This shows that selling receivables is not only a means of short-term liquidity, but also a strategic decision to ensure long-term financial flow. Energy providers who rely on this proven method can not only ensure their financial stability, but also actively contribute to shaping a sustainable energy future. 

Our solutions for energy suppliers

Whether automatic dunning, collection or receivables purchase: you can count on digital and fair receivables management from Riverty. We address the challenges of the energy industry – full of energy. For a successful future.

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