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Car subscriptions. Driving the evolution of the sharing economy.

Lynk & Co. is on a mission to change mobility forever. With their membership- and sharing-based business model they are providing a new means of transportation. Changing customers' utilization habits.

Lynk & Co. Car Subscriptions

From digital to physical 

The sharing economy is evolving. Today, we are not only sharing digital goods, but also goods of high value, for example apartments and cars. Sharing models have the potential to profitably expand existing business models. Less ownership of cars is also better for the environment. However, sharing a high value asset comes with challenges.  

In this business insight we show you what these challenges are – and how Lynk & Co managed to overcome them. The case of Lynk & Co’s membership- and sharing based business model illustrates how two main questions related to the circular economy can be answered: How do we encourage shared consumption despite the known effects on loss aversion and status quo bias? And how do we complement existing linear business models to promote product retention and utilization, without a negative reverse effect on company profitability? 

"For sharing-based models to work with cars, you need to decouple the emotional product and make it a commodity"

- Mathias Holst, CFO at Lynk & Co.

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