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The Paypers Payment Methods Report 2023

Every year "The Paypers" provides an in-depth overview of the latest worldwide developments in how people pay. In the 8th edition of the "Payment Methods Report," Riverty experts take the spotlight. Read more below.

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Seamless transactions in today’s fintech revolution

The “Payment Methods Report” by the Paypers features insights into the latest technologies deployed to improve the global payments ecosystem, providing a clear overview of how customers prefer to shop and pay and how merchants can meet these ever-changing needs.

Teresa Schlichting (Chief People & Culture Officer) & Bandan Jot Singh (Business Unit Lead) shared their insights on thriving in this ever-changing landscape and leading the charge in seamless transactions during the fintech revolution. 


Read more about:

  • As more consumers seek flexible payment options, how can merchants tailor their payment landscape?
  • How does Riverty differentiate its solutions for 
    merchants and consumers? 
  • How is Riverty preparing for potential regulatory changes with the introduction of the Consumer Credit Directive 2 (CCD2)?

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