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Find out how Riverty’s Manual Order Review and Dispute Management Services help you solve fraud headaches and cut costs.

PAST EVENT Sun Jan 14 2024 - Tue Jan 16 2024

The Reality of Dealing with Fraud in Retail

Every transaction counts. But the constant risk of fraud can disrupt operations. This often results in delays of legitmate orders, particularly express ones that fraudsters frequently target, leading to customer frustration and operational headaches. Peak moments in e-commerce intensify this issue, as the influx of orders creates a time crunch and leads to missed fraud defense opportunities. Additionally, the complex codes of payment schemes add further complexity. A relentless cycle that not only affects  finances but also customer trust and operational efficiency. 

Riverty's Comprehensive Services & Solutions

Riverty, a Bertelsmann company, isn't another fraud detection tool. Our Manual Order Review and Dispute Management services are designed to complement your existing fraud detection system, fitting right in with your current fraud systems. We get things set up quickly, usually in just a few days. Here's what we do for you:

Manual Order Review (MOR)

Our team is dedicated 24/7 to reviewing medium to high-risk orders as they occur. By leveraging a variety of sources, including Google and social media, our specialists conduct in-depth analyses. Quick decisions are made, and if necessary, further detailed investigations are performed, like making verification phone calls. Our charging model is based on accepted orders only*.

* We'll talk about the terms when you sign up. 


Dispute/Chargeback Management

Our approach to disputes is results-oriented, with fees applied only on successful resolutions*. Our experts are well-versed in payment system regulations and meticulously collect all relevant evidence — ranging from proof of delivery to detailed transaction verification — to ensure robust and efficient dispute resolution.

Trusted by Leading Brands

"Riverty has done a great job. Our SLA has improved by over 30% and the accuracy rate is phenomenal. Legitimate orders are released quickly, reducing delayed shipments. I can highly recommend the Riverty Manual Order Review program."
Marco Ivanovic

Marco Ivanovic

Director Payments, Adidas

Want to solve fraud headaches and save money?

Riverty’s Alexander can tell you how Riverty’s Manual Order Review and Dispute Management Services help.

Meet us at NRF, Jan 14th-16th in New York City.

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