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Rethinking debt collection – digitally and with more self-determination

There is no getting round it: debt collection is not a pleasant topic. Nobody is happy when they receive a debt collection letter. At Riverty Back in Flow, we therefore put consumers at the centre of things and enable them to largely determine their own path back to financial freedom. To this end, we offer them a comprehensive self-service.

Editorial Team Germany | Mar 20, 2024 6 min
The Riverty Back in Flow portal

Which digital channels does Riverty Back in Flow offer?

We aim at solutions that are not only adaptable to individual needs, but also convenient. In hectic everyday life, it should be possible to make a payment or conclude a payment agreement quickly and easily. It is obvious that digitalisation is the ideal solution here.

Our self-service portal forms the centrepiece of our digital offering. Almost three years ago, we also integrated a chatbot into this platform. The Riverty Back in Flow app complements the debt collection portal and provides users with customised tips for their financial management. Our online contact form and e-mails are available to consumers as communication channels. Depending on the use case, SMS, push notifications or digital calendar entries are also offered.

How does e-mail communication work?

Whereas in the past we mainly sent letters, today we write to consumers by e-mail whenever possible. The addressee receives the message very quickly and also where they receive most of their correspondence, namely in the inbox of their e-mail account. It is much more convenient to manage everything in one place than to have a pile of letters lying around your home in addition to your e-mails. What is more, you can access your e-mails from various devices - laptop, tablet, mobile phone - and therefore also when you are on the move.

If consumers want to contact us by e-mail, they will find an e-mail address on our letters that will put them in touch with experts in the relevant field. The direct route avoids unnecessary delays.


How does the debt collection portal work?

The message has arrived - what happens next? The addressee clicks on the "Direct way to online payment" button in the e-mail and is logged into our online portal with the relevant reference number. Alternatively, a QR code with the same function for scanning with a mobile phone is printed on letters. In the self-service portal, the user can find all the details of the current debt collection case and can pay the outstanding amount immediately using one of the payment methods offered. 

After additional identification, the user can alternatively conclude a payment agreement, such as payment by instalments. After all, everyone knows best which solution suits their financial situation. Thanks to the direct database connection, all processes are documented in real time in the digital file. 

In the personal area of the portal, there is also the option of calling up a detailed list of receivable items or requesting a change to personal data. And, of course, there is a contact form that can be used to send us a message. Here, as in other places, the user can also upload documents to substantiate or clarify issues - the fastest way to submit a request!

When logging out, users can rate their user experience on the portal and make suggestions for improvements. We are constantly working on optimising the user interface.

What can Chatbot Fini do?

Those who prefer an interactive dialogue to deal with their request can use the chatbot named Fini that is integrated into the portal. Many types of requests have already been implemented so that the chatbot can provide fully automated assistance in many cases.

Where users can enter free text, Fini uses its artificial intelligence to understand their requests and to respond correctly. Our chatbot is continuously trained so that it works better and better.

For now, Fini only speaks German, but we are already teaching it English.  

What is the Riverty Back in Flow app for?

Apart from this, the Riverty Back in Flow app is available to users of mobile phones or tablets with an iOS operating system. The app serves two major use cases: on the one hand, it serves as an alternative to the portal and, on the other, it enables the so-called budget check. If the user allows access to their bank account data, the app analyses income and expenditure, compares expenditure with the national average and shows the savings potential in the individual areas of life. The app users decide for themselves in which areas they want to set savings goals in order to improve their financial situation. In this form of financial education, the app acts as an advisor while the users always have their budget under control. In this way, they learn to handle their finances with confidence.

By the way: An app version for Android is already in the works.

What reminder functions are available?

Primarily for reminder purposes, we also send text messages and push notifications or offer digital calendar entries for download. These small aids allow consumers to concentrate on the important things in life and still fulfil their payment obligations on time. 


We are constantly optimising the digital tools that our consumers can use to clear their outstanding balances. In doing so, we respond to the user wishes that we receive via user feedback. After all, we want to make life easier for consumers with new technologies. User-friendliness is our top priority.